Sunday, June 27, 2010


Oh, look, an abandoned house! Yikes - summer has landed and we were surrounded by extremely flammable vegetation nearly six feet tall in some areas. That driveway was so bad we looked like a “foreclosure”. It just totally got ahead of me this year – fortunately one of the boys next door was for hire, and 11.5 hours later he had weedwhacked our entire property from fence to fence to fence. Wildland fires are beyond scary up here!

We had a wonderful trip to Kernville right before Memorial weekend - 1st camping trip totally in the trailer for hubby since the “lay-up”. He did great!! We had 40+ people in our group, so the entire campground was like our own little village! We had two masseuses, (never camp without one!) a great potluck, Lisa made us an adorable cake, and everyone had a great time antiquing and white water rafting. We were really looking forward to our longest trailer trip yet - to Wenatchee, Washington - but Duke probably spent way too much time on his feet and by the next weekend we were battling new open wounds on his left leg. We saw his doctor in Santa Barbara on Wednesday, June 2nd at 2:00, by 5:00 he was all tucked into his hospital bed across the street going through the “welcome back” routine with half the staff and a pack of his favorite visiting therapy dogs. The doctor gave me an A, a B+ and a D- on my wound care. I question the validity of the D-. I was doing the best I could without my OWN prescription pad!! And yeah, Duke was once again ordering his extra grilled ham and cheese sandwiches left and right. Pretty bad when you have this place so dialed in. So, we get that whole thing resolved and he’s home by the June 7.

June 9. Duke falls getting to the bathroom. Yes, I was helping, but about all I could manage to do was ensure he landed ON the toilet and not IN the bathtub. That should count for something, shouldn’t it? Just the last place on the planet anyone wants to be "rescued" from. The night before we’d had some funky blood pressure readings and had already planned on heading down to the Emergency Room in Bakersfield, but gee, he gets another ride in an ambulance! By the time we get "settled" in the ER they have found that his blood pressure is now 58/30 and his kidneys are shutting down! Excuse me? Could you repeat that because it sounded like you said… anyway, it was because of all the antibiotics that he’s been on and his kidneys had just had enough and were done. Didn’t get his hip put back into place for three days, and had him home by June 14.

So. Where are we? Blood pressure normal, kidneys mostly recovered, leg swelling under control and now we’re just waiting until the end of August when Dr. Bliss will repair the damage that Duke did to the hip during that first bad fall. Then, hopefully, we can start making some forward progress.

During one of these Santa Barabara trips, I had two other things happen. While we were gone, I had the repair guys out to replace the water line to our frig (before it broke this time) and while they were back there they found that the heating unit behind the freezer which keeps it frost free had broken off of its little plastic pegs, fallen down on top of the coils, tilted forward, and melted the whole back of the freezer wall. Great. So that meant a brand new frig as soon as I got home. Same day, I get a call from the barn where my elderly horse lives – he somehow had torn a front tendon, and after x-rays and ultrasound, it appeared he had torn 70% of it and was supposed to be on “stall rest” in his heavy duty cast-like bandages for 30 days to see if it would heal. Owner called me back and said, “You know your horse doesn’t do well in a stall.” Yep, I knew that. Warned them in fact. He’s a total idiot indoors. His favorite “indoor” activity is to yank up all the rubber mats from underneath the two feet of shavings, pile them on top of the shavings, and then stand on top of the whole ugly mess and buck in place. Why? Who knows. So, fearing he would injure himself worse, back outside he went. He’s all mended now, and we’ll get shoes back on him next week. These are the kinds of things that happen the MINUTE you pay off your credit card. Or your car. Or any other debt. Things around you overhear the good news, they break, they pass the news along to other things you own, and CHA-CHING… you’re right back where you started! Do not dicusss financial gains anywhere near your vehicles or applicances. Ever.

So, we missed the Washington trip, but bless those sisters of mine! They have been emailing and posting pictues on Facebook the whole time so I don’t feel quite so sorry for myself!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Update

Hey, look! No hospital stories!!! Duke is very carefully spending his upright hours outside or in his shop - all I hear is cutting, grinding, welding … so things are returning to normal around here. I’m trying to get back to my terrifying list of undone things around here - I started with rewiring an outside light. Sounds really small, but it’s a big deal for me - electric stuff scares me silly – worse than ladders did.

I sort of reorganized and staged some sewing and knitting projects that I haven’t gone near for over a year, which involved re-re-doing some shelves. Sewing room is also the office, so the shelves must dual-task. Next weekend I “get” to replace a toilet. How exciting is that? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But, one of them is too low for tall hubby with this new hip, so…

Remember these? Had one of those silly blast from the past moments and figured since that’s what I wore “way back when” then that’s what I wanted for our beach trip. It was perfect! Unfortunately, Duke thought so too, so now it’s his. But that’s okay, I ordered another one. Can’t beat that much snuggly warmth for about $15.00.

Last week we headed over to Santa Barbara for a couple doctors appointment for Duke. These appointments were originally scheduled for April 1st but it was supposed to snow, so I postponed the trip. So what happened on the new date? Yep, it snowed. Fortunately it was only a couple of inches, and it was that heavy, wet, quick melting stuff that did NOT stick to our scary steep driveway. As tired of snow and rain as I am, I do appreciate how much we need the moisture and this is truly the longest prettiest spring I can recall in the 20+ years we’ve been here. As soon as the Owl Clover comes in nice and thick I’ll take some pictures. Anyway, we spent the night in Santa Barbara and even drove out onto the pier at Stearns Wharf for dinner. Very nice. We also took some time to check out a very old trailer park that we had spotted on a prior trip. It was FILLED with big old vintage park model trailers – single and double wide models from the 50’s! Oh my, next trip over there I’ll park outside and walk in with my camera – there were some beauties in there! Nice people too, everyone waved and said hi as we were carefully trying to squeeze our truck through all the tiny twisty roads in there!

And let's not forget the Easter earthquake! It was felt up here, but I was on the move at the time and missed it.
Lisa is coming up for the weekend – she’s taking me to the Victorian Rose Tea Garden for an early Mother’s Day on Friday – it’s very nice, which is saying a lot because some of you know how so “not me” this whole tea thing is!

On Saturday we’re all heading up to Kernville for lunch at the Kern River Brewing Company and for me, a long overdue stop at the Kern River Fly Shop.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend at the Beach!

Ooo-rah! I mean... surf's up! Sorry, we were at Camp Pendleton/San Onofre for the weekend and with hubby being a retired Marine... well, you get the picture! That's our "rig" waiting for our campsite. What a wonderful weekend! Brought Duke home from the hospital on Tuesday, and I spent Thursday night – all night - as in we never went to bed – packing, and were on the road by a little after 4:00 am Friday morning. My packing fiasco was just a combination of goofy unforseen issues like trying to install a new battery in our truck that didn’t fit and that the cables didn't reach, and then missing bike rack parts, all of which required some “creativity” and literally took until midnight. Then I couldn't remember what was already in the trailer because it's not here at home. I can't get Duke in and out of the truck with the trailer in the driveway... AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Anyway, once we arrived, the weather was perfect, met lots of new sisters, hubby enjoyed every minute, and so did Lisa - except for her migraine - but what better place to recuperate? Cool breeze, sound of the surf... that'll cure anything! Duke parked himself in a Cabela’s lounge chair that I brought for him – just what the doctor ordered for keeping those feet elevated! (Run, don’t walk to Cabela’s website – they are still on sale for $49!) He got a death grip on that TV remote and he was good for the weekend. Let the pampering begin! Pretty much every time I'd return from somewhere, he'd announce, "Some woman came by to check on me and say hi!" Sisters take very good care of each other!!Next time I will not take my trailer. I set it all up, erected the E-Z-Up for shade, hooked up my cute patio light, unfolded enough patio furniture for a parking lot sale... and walked away. Never used any of it. Lisa, however, did sleep in the trailer both nights, so that was good! The handicapped cottage we rented in addition to the campsite, was in fact a two bedroom single-wide mobile home with ramp access and a HUGE bathroom - all of which worked very well for us. Nice deck out back with an ocean view! We WILL be making this trip again...

Lunch! Duke's very own wine charm...
Adorable Sisters on the Fly "Cupcake" Cake - everyone had blue tongues!!!

Lisa and I hit the MCX on the way out and stocked up some cool USMC doodads for Duke - he was beyond thrilled!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to the Melodrama...

Oh, look! Another hospital story!! Let’s see…where’d I leave off on this series… oh yeah, March 10th with the pain management appt… so, on Monday night I was bandaging Duke’s foot and it looked WAY worse, as in red, infected, and downright scary. Tuesday morning Margo drove us over to Santa Barbara as I was a complete basket case with intermittent pounding heart and less than normal breathing issues. Duke's primary care doctor sent him packing across the street to the Cottage Hospital emergency room. They started IV’s to pump him full of antibiotics, and after about an hour or so, Duke, being the “fun” patient, asked the nurse “could I get a grilled cheese sandwich?” Huh? Who knew you could do that in the Emergency Room? Well, apparently you can, he did, and he got it! Finally got him into a room, Margo and I hit the road, and we were home by about 1:30 Wednesday morning. Lisa drove up that day and checked into a hotel, I still had to get myself recuperated and organized, and I headed back over on Thursday. I stopped by my favorite computer expert on the way through Bakersfield and he spent a couple hours getting my new netbook all properly set up. Very happy with it, one of my smarter purchases! So nice to be away from home and still in touch with everyone and everything, and not on a dinky little phone screen! Duke had offered to get me an iPhone and I declined ‘cause there’s just not a single thing I want to do on a screen that small.

Anyway, Duke was in non-stop vomiting mode Tuesday night and all day Wednesday, but they finally got that under control. Now he’s in leg spasm hell. Thought they were easing up, but they're every 12-15 seconds and they can't seem to get them under control. During the couple days I was there, they asked me, "has he tried Ativan? Baclofen? Celebrex? Cymbalta? Darvocet? Dilaudid? Flexeril? Lidocaine? Lyrica? Neurontin? OxyContin? Paxil? Ryzolt? Savella? Skelaxin? Valium? Zanaflex?" Sigh. Yes, yes, yes to all and no they didn't work, or not for very long. Hence, the referral to the epidural approach and possible subsequent implant, which we'll have to postpone until he's off the antibiotics. I should be bringing him home on Tuesday, if he can walk, which is scary, because right now he can't walk on that left foot, and the right leg is no sure thing either because of the new twice-dislocated hip which is missing LOTS of physical therapy appointments! Sure glad I bought that nice new wheelchair on eBay… and I still plan on dragging him down to Camp Pendleton for our “sisters and misters” camping trip. Have I mentioned that I need a vacation??? We have, in addition to the campsite, reserved a two-bedroom handicapped-equipped cottage right on the beach, so we should be MORE than good to go, right?? Don’t be surprised if you hear a Sig Alert about a crazy woman headed south on the I-5 hauling a beat up old travel trailer and gurney with some poor retired Marine duct taped to it… there’s a visual for you!

The high points of his stay besides the exceptional care are 1) that he somehow scored a very pretty, private, frou-frou “movie star” room with lovely hardwood floors, highly upgraded guest furniture, and a wall of glass complete with sliding doors out to a private balcony with, if you look between the trees, a view of the ocean. I told Margo that we should have brought a blender and some little paper cocktail umbrellas! And 2) all the visits from the therapy dogs!! So far he’s seen Diamond the Dalmatian (see her on Facebook!) BB King the Australian Shepherd, Buddy the German Shepherd, and a Sheltie whose name I did not get.

Lisa working on her needlepoint...

You can just barely see the ocean through the coastal fog... very low between the trees... honest, it's there!

Lisa and I did get out for a break on Friday – went down and walked along the beach, the pier, and then had Clam Chowder and Fish and Chips at Brophy’s.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

One Week of Weather...

Since it was so warm, sunny, and gorgeous today, I thought you’d enjoy a picture of my big, sleek, shiny thoroughbred. Hey, where’d he go? And where’d this enormous, hairy, prehistoric horse-like creature come from?? What a mess. With all the rain and snow and this three-inch long winter coat, he’s a lost cause until the REAL spring arrives. I spent some quality time with my entire collection of brushes and managed to remove most of the mud and enough hair to make a couple of small yappy dogs!

And then there's this day! I can’t keep track. One day it’s warm and sunny, the next it’s snowing, raining, blowing… I give up! At least the house is a nice color now… oh look, a little travel trailer in the yard! Nope, I do NOT drive down that in the snow!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Saga Continues...

Well, this is what I was going to post at the very end of February – before everything took another left turn!

Well, I feel like I’m finally coming up for air. Hubby is doing really well - he’s done with physical therapy, down to a minimum of painkillers, and this week he washed dishes and spent a couple afternoons outside (yes, on his walker) installing new locksets on our front door and putting together the cart for his new welder that just arrived – a Millermatic 211 for anyone that’s interested! This welder does just about everything, hopefully replacing the stable of single-purpose welders he has. It will be nice to be able to repair aluminum window and door frames on these trailers!

I’m anxious to get working on our little trailer, but I’ve so much other stuff to catch up on that I’m not sure when that’s going to happen. On top of all the “routine” stuff that needs doing, I still need to paint our front, back, and garage doors, we have decorative frames to make and paint for the three attic vents, and we’re going to make those cool looking “storm window” summer shade screens for all the windows on the south side of the house, and sometime this summer I need to paint the shed to match the house.

Tuesday, March 2nd 9:30 am, Duke calls me at work to tell me that he dislocated his new hip. Again. Thank goodness 1) I work so close to home and 2) he actually had a phone on him! I raced for home while Margo called 911, and poor Duke, who was outside installing new locksets on our back doors, had to stand there on his "good leg" and his walker until the ambulance arrived. They loaded him up, and off we went to San Joaquin Hospital. Once there, they gave him the "Michael Jackson" special to knock him out. Sadly, the anesthesiologist says, "Hey, I remember you guys!" Well, isn't that just great. Heavy sigh. Duke was out maybe ten minutes – the doctor actually stood on the gurney to wrestle the hip back into place, and me with no camera! Darn! Anyway, we were home by 6:30 that night, with Duke terrified to leave his big ol’ chair in the living room. He did figure out that he may have tripped when starting to come in through the sliding glass door – it’s hard to tell since he has no feeling in his feet. Hopefully it was a trip, and we can maybe avoid a “three-fer” by him being more careful, if that’s possible.

Part of this was kind of amusing - the Fire Dept showed up to help load him, and we knew two of the three firemen - one was the guy that actually built our house back in '87, and the 3rd one (didn't know him), maybe wants to buy Duke's Unimog! I told him to stop by and see me at work later on and I’d make him a deal! It's not like Duke will ever be able to get in the darn thing again, and he’s ready for it to go to a new home where it will be used and appreciated. Anyone out there interested? Buy it now for $10K! Entire box is rebuilt with aluminum, new steel cab, new custom canvas door, and it comes with a additional BIGGER Mercedes engine... you know, more power and all that! EVERYONE needs one of these - you just never know when you'll need to chase down a bunch of military tanks! Uses plain ol' leaded gasoline, can go a whopping 55 mph fully loaded... so long as you're going downhill, mileage... not so great... 10 maybe??? But, you will be the envy of every off-roader on the planet! Can't even being to describe how fun it is - your buds are crawling along in their fancy 4x4's, easing over bumps and ruts, and you, in this, can literally floor it, sail past all of them and not feel a single bump thanks to the type suspension and articulation! Did I mention you can actually drive OVER a Hummer with one of these? And then there's that dinner-plated-size Mercedes emblam on the grill - always a head turner in the supermarket parking lot! Before, during and after pics:

On Sunday, March 7th, Duke was complaining that his left foot felt “stiff”. I looked down and it appeared that someone had placed a half of a grapefruit on top of his foot, inside the sock. I “assumed” it was general swelling which he has a lot of, peeled off the sock and nearly passed out cold. It was a blister. Three inches in diameter, one inch tall. I refuse to post a picture of it, as you will never visit my blog again after seeing. Not even going to discuss the management of it. On to March 10th.

On March 10th Duke had appointments in Santa Barbara with his neurologist, his pacemaker checkup/tuneup guy, and his orthopedist to update him on the latest dislocation. Pacemaker check went well; Duke’s heart just keeps getting better and better with each visit. Orthopedist placed him on a couple antibiotics for the foot thing, and another couple months of physical therapy, and made sure he knows that one more dislocation and he’s back on the operating table. Neurologist determined that all the issues with Duke’s legs (numbness, pain, spasms, swelling, different color and temperature every day) fall under “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome” and referred him to a pain management specialist later the same afternoon. And so will begin the process of exploring various treatments possibly including the “placement of stimulating electrodes next to the spinal cord which provide a pleasant tingling sensation in the painful area and appears to help many patients with their pain.” Yikes. But you get to a point where you will try anything.

Other than that, I’m just trying to get caught up both at work and home – not like I think it’ll ever happen, but I do keep trying! Our weather has been tough to keep up with – one gorgeous warm sunny day, the next day a blizzard, then rain, then wind, back to sun. Tough to plan your outside chores! Here’s Miss Libby enjoying one of those sunny days – she’s planted herself in our dormant veggie garden!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2004 & Now...

I was reading one of my long lost (and therefore never mailed) Christmas letters from 2004, and I recalled all that we went through with Duke’s repaired neck and the broken hip a month later. Must be selective amnesia, because I’d totally forgotten that I also had a dog down recuperating from surgery at the same time. Geez, what was I thinking??? Anyway, during that time we bought a microwave/hood for over our stove, and it was up to me to install it… NO PROBLEM!!! I just did it the girl way - suitcase, four paint cans, a couple of rugs and a bunch of scrap 2x4s - and we were in popcorn that night!

So, today was Duke’s checkup with his hip doctor. Duke was scared Dr. Bliss was gonna be mad… and he was. But after x-raying EVERYTHING and determining that Duke didn’t do any real damage, Dr. Bliss opted not to beat the crap out of him. This time. On the way out Duke was telling the woman at the front desk that he wanted to file a complaint because his doctor threatened to kill him. She said, “Fine, here’s the form” and without missing a beat she added, “but please note that the comment section at the bottom of the form is where you write something nice about me!” Gotta love that place!! We stopped at the Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch where I picked up chicken, tri-tip, beans, salsa and tortillas to take home – I adore that place!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Safety Segment!!

Well, I’m sure we’ve all heard the horror stories about those nasty old fashioned road flares exploding in someone’s trunk or glove box – not a good thing to have happen! I found the perfect alternative – PowerFlares!! These things are beyond cool - very safe, very dependable, VERY bright, and virtually indestructible. They are shockproof, drive-over proof, waterproof – heck, they even float!!

They obviously cost more than those cruddy old flares, somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 apiece, but I wouldn’t have anything else in my truck. Being on a “budget”, I buy one every now and again and will soon have a complete set of four in the nice little pouch they make for them. I did not get the rechargeable ones, as I have been very very pleased with the performance of those little kick-butt CR123 batteries!

They have a built in set of about ten different blinking patterns, and they come with different color cases and bulbs. I have the red amber combos in orange cases. Oh my goodness, I just looked at their website and they now have cases in two shades of PINK!!!

Everyone should race right out and properly dispose of their old scary flares and buy at the very least, ONE of these awesome Power Flares!!

Watch this short demo – you’ll be impressed, I promise!! Power Flare Demo

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Deja Vu All Over Again...

Arrived home with my patient (again) just after sunset yesterday. He’s pretty darn sore, not quite able to get up by himself, so I’ll be sticking close to home today. Again. Daughter Lisa is coming up to fill in so I can get back to work. And here I was so excited at work last week to finally be working on DECEMBER stuff! Silly me. That's a shot of our driveway in the snow (back when the house was that hideous blue) which explains why, if possible, we wait to call 911!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Patient Update...

And you're thinking, "Well, THAT's not a good picture to see!!"

Friday, January 22: Hip patient doing very well, zooming right along on his walker and getting …. SCREEEEEEEECH!! SLAM!! (Insert horrid braking and crash sound here)…

Saturday, 1:30 am: Duke, while on his walker cruising for “snacks” in the kitchen, spots what he thinks is a dropped pill on the floor, and in the interest of saving our Electrolux Hound, Miss Libby, he REACHES OVER TO PICK IT UP. Falls. Yells for help. He does not want to move. Does not want me to call 911 “just yet” as we have the steep driveway-from-hell covered with snow. He’s in excruciating pain, and from the ugly twisty crooked angle of the leg, you know, the one with the nice new hip, I’m guessing he’s dislocated it. (By the way, it wasn’t a pill, it was a speck of carrot said hound had been munching on earlier. I suggested that in the future he should seriously consider just STANDING on the “pill” and yelling for me.)

2:30 am: We had him sitting up, leaning against the frig. Miss Libby wasn’t really sure why we’d all decided to try sleeping on the kitchen floor, but she’s easy and plays along.

3:30 am: I had moved every piece of short furniture we own into the kitchen and he finally managed to lift himself into a sitting position onto a 4” thick block of wood.

4:30 am: He had slid himself over in front of the pantry and has the “good leg” (more about that misnomer later…) propped against an adjacent cupboard.

5:30 am: Wahoo! He finally found the “right” piece of furniture and lifted himself into a low rolling office chair and I wheeled him into the living room to await sunrise and hopefully enough heat to melt the driveway.

6:30 – 8:00 am: I take a nap on the couch. Duke sits in the chair, and using a heavy duty elastic leg strap off of one of my horse blankets (hey, it was fresh out of the wash and handy…) valiantly holds his twisted crooked leg in the least uncomfortable position to wait for the morning thaw. ZZZZzzzzz…

8:00 – 10:00: I shoveled snow off the flat part of the driveway. Fortunately, the rest of our driveway faces south and as steep as it is, it melted and drained very quickly.

10:00 – 11:00 am: Called 911, told them what was going on, no hurry, no lights, and no sirens. Just like last time. Yep, they remembered the drill. “Aunt Nancy” next door would look after the hounds and we were on our way. Start the morphine!

12:00 noon: ER in Bakersfield. Yep, nice shiny brand new hip was dislocated, but because Duke is a big muscular guy they had to locate a “bigger” doc to wrestle hip back into place. By now he’d had enough morphine to drop a large circus mammal.

1:30 pm: Dr. Alade arrived. Wow. Yep, big guy. Could probably lift and twirl Duke over his head with one hand. Very kind and soft-spoken man who is on the Board of Directors for the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas, and, not that this has anything at all to do with Duke’s hip, but I was totally impressed, is fluent in Korean, Spanish, Tribal African, and Vietnamese. One of those language accomplishments that I cannot even begin to comprehend! Anyway, they discussed the situation and x-rays, and Dr. Alade explained that this would have to be done in OR, and that he’d be knocked out and briefly paralyzed in order to do it. And then, Duke totally surprised the heck outta me and says “I don’t deserve to be knocked out, it was my own stupidity that caused this!” Musta been all that morphine! Since there was nothing left but the waiting for an operating room, I ran out for a quick bite to eat, but couldn’t get any food down – only the coffee worked.

Headed back to hospital where Duke had been moved to pre-op. Margo and Debbie arrived for moral support and to drive me & my truck home when all this was over.

5:00-something? All done, Duke was in recovery, everything went fine, and we hung out until 7:00 or thereabouts until he was in his room, charming the nursing staff, settled in for the night, and very happy that The Guns of Navarone was on TV. The man is lost without his wars and westerns.

We headed out for dinner and then the drive home.

End Saturday report.

Sunday: My, I mean San Joaquin Hospital’s patient was chipper and chatty this morning. Not sure if they’ll turn him loose today or tomorrow. (To whom and how much do I have to pay to make it tomorrow???)

Okay, more on that original left hip – earlier this month we learned from the 1st post-op x-rays that his old left hip replacement has, shall we say, rotated.

Here is a generic x-ray of what a normal replacement should look like.

Kinda shaped like the number “7”. Duke’s old hip does not look like that. His replacement does not resemble the number 7, it resembles the number “l”. As in perfectly straight line, no angle out to the side. Which means that the whole thing has rotated either to the front… or the back… NO WONDER IT HURTS AND THE LEG DOESN’T WORK RIGHT!!! I had wondered why when he walked that leg swung in and then out (or is it out then in?) with each step. Now I know. Yikes. Now what? Well, nothing for now, he has to somehow get this newest one all healed and strong, and I have to accumulate more vacation and sick time, and then we’ll figure out when is the least disruptive time for me to tackle this issue. Trust me; it won’t be in the winter! Not doin’ this again.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Big New Year's Eve Party!!

As I mentioned before, I am so not a “night” person, so we were able to celebrate early via satellite TV on an east coast station! With hubby being on all those pain killers, alcohol really didn’t seem like the best plan, so he picked his next favorite beverage… BUTTERMILK!!! No, really, that is his favorite! That goofy hat was a bit much, but he is such a good sport! Then we have our party girl… Miss Libby. She never even knew she was wearing a hat. She’s not much of a night owl either, and by 10:00 pm all of us were tucked in for the night!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Thing I Love & New Year's Eve

How did I manage to NOT put "wine" on that list? I have to admit, I'm a sucker for an interesting label, and my evaluation expertise is pretty much on the "I like this one, but I liked that one better" level. Those first two bottles are what I refer to as our "house" wines. Readily available, taste good, and they have screw tops which are really handy for camping or for say, when you are on the side of the road in Arizona with 10-20 of your sisters with trailers waiting to get into the campground! Big House Wines has a cute and fun interactive website!

I found these two at the market last night - the selections from Wine Sisterhood are very cute, and Purple Cowboy supports breast cancer research. Check them both out!

We have never been much into New Year's Eve partying, and since I am such a morning person, I just love that the east coast feeds on Direct TV mean we can watch all the festivites and 9:00 PM, I can head for bed, and hubby can get back to his movies!