Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend at the Beach!

Ooo-rah! I mean... surf's up! Sorry, we were at Camp Pendleton/San Onofre for the weekend and with hubby being a retired Marine... well, you get the picture! That's our "rig" waiting for our campsite. What a wonderful weekend! Brought Duke home from the hospital on Tuesday, and I spent Thursday night – all night - as in we never went to bed – packing, and were on the road by a little after 4:00 am Friday morning. My packing fiasco was just a combination of goofy unforseen issues like trying to install a new battery in our truck that didn’t fit and that the cables didn't reach, and then missing bike rack parts, all of which required some “creativity” and literally took until midnight. Then I couldn't remember what was already in the trailer because it's not here at home. I can't get Duke in and out of the truck with the trailer in the driveway... AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Anyway, once we arrived, the weather was perfect, met lots of new sisters, hubby enjoyed every minute, and so did Lisa - except for her migraine - but what better place to recuperate? Cool breeze, sound of the surf... that'll cure anything! Duke parked himself in a Cabela’s lounge chair that I brought for him – just what the doctor ordered for keeping those feet elevated! (Run, don’t walk to Cabela’s website – they are still on sale for $49!) He got a death grip on that TV remote and he was good for the weekend. Let the pampering begin! Pretty much every time I'd return from somewhere, he'd announce, "Some woman came by to check on me and say hi!" Sisters take very good care of each other!!Next time I will not take my trailer. I set it all up, erected the E-Z-Up for shade, hooked up my cute patio light, unfolded enough patio furniture for a parking lot sale... and walked away. Never used any of it. Lisa, however, did sleep in the trailer both nights, so that was good! The handicapped cottage we rented in addition to the campsite, was in fact a two bedroom single-wide mobile home with ramp access and a HUGE bathroom - all of which worked very well for us. Nice deck out back with an ocean view! We WILL be making this trip again...

Lunch! Duke's very own wine charm...
Adorable Sisters on the Fly "Cupcake" Cake - everyone had blue tongues!!!

Lisa and I hit the MCX on the way out and stocked up some cool USMC doodads for Duke - he was beyond thrilled!!


papa sue said...


What a great time we had! The highlight of the weekend had to be Duke enjoying himself....and everyone totally enjoying him!

The cottages are so much easier, but I did miss sleeping in the trailer. Oh well....Kern is coming.

Love all of the stuff you found for Duke at the Exchange. Now all you have to do is get them installed!



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