Saturday, January 30, 2010

Safety Segment!!

Well, I’m sure we’ve all heard the horror stories about those nasty old fashioned road flares exploding in someone’s trunk or glove box – not a good thing to have happen! I found the perfect alternative – PowerFlares!! These things are beyond cool - very safe, very dependable, VERY bright, and virtually indestructible. They are shockproof, drive-over proof, waterproof – heck, they even float!!

They obviously cost more than those cruddy old flares, somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 apiece, but I wouldn’t have anything else in my truck. Being on a “budget”, I buy one every now and again and will soon have a complete set of four in the nice little pouch they make for them. I did not get the rechargeable ones, as I have been very very pleased with the performance of those little kick-butt CR123 batteries!

They have a built in set of about ten different blinking patterns, and they come with different color cases and bulbs. I have the red amber combos in orange cases. Oh my goodness, I just looked at their website and they now have cases in two shades of PINK!!!

Everyone should race right out and properly dispose of their old scary flares and buy at the very least, ONE of these awesome Power Flares!!

Watch this short demo – you’ll be impressed, I promise!! Power Flare Demo


Jane said...

So, Joyce, did you order these on line or can you find them locally?
Looks like a GREAT idea!
Jane #699 (down the hill in Bako)

Joyce said...

I've not seen these locally, I've always ordered by phone - the people on the other end are SO very nice and loved hearing about Sisters on the Fly!! Just click on POWER FLARES in the original post to get to their website.