Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2004 & Now...

I was reading one of my long lost (and therefore never mailed) Christmas letters from 2004, and I recalled all that we went through with Duke’s repaired neck and the broken hip a month later. Must be selective amnesia, because I’d totally forgotten that I also had a dog down recuperating from surgery at the same time. Geez, what was I thinking??? Anyway, during that time we bought a microwave/hood for over our stove, and it was up to me to install it… NO PROBLEM!!! I just did it the girl way - suitcase, four paint cans, a couple of rugs and a bunch of scrap 2x4s - and we were in popcorn that night!

So, today was Duke’s checkup with his hip doctor. Duke was scared Dr. Bliss was gonna be mad… and he was. But after x-raying EVERYTHING and determining that Duke didn’t do any real damage, Dr. Bliss opted not to beat the crap out of him. This time. On the way out Duke was telling the woman at the front desk that he wanted to file a complaint because his doctor threatened to kill him. She said, “Fine, here’s the form” and without missing a beat she added, “but please note that the comment section at the bottom of the form is where you write something nice about me!” Gotta love that place!! We stopped at the Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch where I picked up chicken, tri-tip, beans, salsa and tortillas to take home – I adore that place!