Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Update

Hey, look! No hospital stories!!! Duke is very carefully spending his upright hours outside or in his shop - all I hear is cutting, grinding, welding … so things are returning to normal around here. I’m trying to get back to my terrifying list of undone things around here - I started with rewiring an outside light. Sounds really small, but it’s a big deal for me - electric stuff scares me silly – worse than ladders did.

I sort of reorganized and staged some sewing and knitting projects that I haven’t gone near for over a year, which involved re-re-doing some shelves. Sewing room is also the office, so the shelves must dual-task. Next weekend I “get” to replace a toilet. How exciting is that? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But, one of them is too low for tall hubby with this new hip, so…

Remember these? Had one of those silly blast from the past moments and figured since that’s what I wore “way back when” then that’s what I wanted for our beach trip. It was perfect! Unfortunately, Duke thought so too, so now it’s his. But that’s okay, I ordered another one. Can’t beat that much snuggly warmth for about $15.00.

Last week we headed over to Santa Barbara for a couple doctors appointment for Duke. These appointments were originally scheduled for April 1st but it was supposed to snow, so I postponed the trip. So what happened on the new date? Yep, it snowed. Fortunately it was only a couple of inches, and it was that heavy, wet, quick melting stuff that did NOT stick to our scary steep driveway. As tired of snow and rain as I am, I do appreciate how much we need the moisture and this is truly the longest prettiest spring I can recall in the 20+ years we’ve been here. As soon as the Owl Clover comes in nice and thick I’ll take some pictures. Anyway, we spent the night in Santa Barbara and even drove out onto the pier at Stearns Wharf for dinner. Very nice. We also took some time to check out a very old trailer park that we had spotted on a prior trip. It was FILLED with big old vintage park model trailers – single and double wide models from the 50’s! Oh my, next trip over there I’ll park outside and walk in with my camera – there were some beauties in there! Nice people too, everyone waved and said hi as we were carefully trying to squeeze our truck through all the tiny twisty roads in there!

And let's not forget the Easter earthquake! It was felt up here, but I was on the move at the time and missed it.
Lisa is coming up for the weekend – she’s taking me to the Victorian Rose Tea Garden for an early Mother’s Day on Friday – it’s very nice, which is saying a lot because some of you know how so “not me” this whole tea thing is!

On Saturday we’re all heading up to Kernville for lunch at the Kern River Brewing Company and for me, a long overdue stop at the Kern River Fly Shop.


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